Long queues at airport security lanes could be avoided

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 20 July, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 20 July, 2002, 12:00am

There have been several press reports of late about our airport.

One concerned security, and another reported on a survey which has named Chek Lap Kok as the world's best airport.

The Aviation Security Company (Avseco) has declared it will show zero tolerance towards security personnel who are inefficient.

While it is important to ensure employees act efficiently, it is also important to have enough of them deployed at security check areas. I use the airport several times a month and quite often there are enormous queues, because only a few security lanes are open. In order to speed things up, I think Avseco should open more lanes during busy times. They can anticipate when there will be a lot of passengers by checking flight schedules and expected occupancy rates with the airlines.

Another way to speed up the process would be to have an even stricter enforcement of the hand luggage rules. I see a lot of travellers still carrying too much hand luggage. And when it comes to security on flights, there is still room for improvement. Small nail clippers are taken from passengers before boarding and yet some airlines sell manicure sets during inflight sales and have started using metal knives again when they serve meals.

Regarding the story about the airport's No 1 status, I would agree it has got a lot better, but there is still room for improvement.

For example, earlier this month I flew to the mainland and had to board at gate 68 at the end of the new wing. I was with a customer and because our flight had been delayed, we wanted to get a drink. However, there were no catering facilities nearby. We would have had to go back to the restaurant at gate 40 in another wing. Walking there and back would have taken 20 minutes. I appeal to the Airport Authority to put in a small facility in the new wing.

I am also concerned about the long queues at the immigration counters for non-residents.

As with the security lanes, it is easy for immigration officials to work out in advance when their counters will get busy. We try so hard to get tourists to come to Hong Kong. Let us ensure they go through immigration as quickly as possible.

On a positive note, luggage retrieval is very efficient and the long-term parking facilities are excellent and are particularly popular with frequent travellers like me.


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