Trying hard to reduce queuing times

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 July, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 July, 2002, 12:00am

I am grateful to Jeffry Kuperus for his feedback and comments regarding our security screening at Chek Lap Kok ('Long queues at airport security lanes could be avoided', South China Morning Post, July 20).

Although it is always the Aviation Security Company's (Avseco) intention to provide an efficient security service I do agree that on some occasions the queuing process for the security screening appears longer than on other occasions.

This has, of course, been partially as a result of additional measures introduced after the tragic events of September 11. Mr Kuperus has suggested some useful solutions. Ever since September 11, Avseco has taken all necessary steps to improve the situation including regular checks on airline time schedules and corresponding deployment adjustments. However, flight departure delays and different arrival patterns of departing passengers can sometimes disrupt our deployment planning.

The matter has received our close attention and efforts are being made to address the various problems that have come to light.

We are fully conscious of the need to strike a balance between absolute security and passenger facilitation. On the one hand we have to comply with the various international and local regulations so as to maintain a high standard of security, and on the other we do try to ensure, as far as possible, that passengers enjoy a pleasant experience at our airport.

We have strict performance benchmarks giving us a target to process 90 per cent of departing passengers within three minutes and 100 per cent within five minutes. According to current surveys we are achieving this target about 97 per cent of the time.

We are now examining a number of new service projects including staff deployment and queuing arrangements.


General Manager

Aviation Security Company Limited