Cycling ban regulations are confusing

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 28 July, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 28 July, 2002, 12:00am

Last Sunday while cycling along the Tolo Harbour cycle track, I was flagged down by a police officer and cautioned.

I was cautioned for not dismounting when crossing a temporary bridge erected due to engineering works in the area. Admittedly there are signs in place and I committed a traffic offence but why does such a ludicrous law exist?

These signs are not restricted to this temporary bridge, but also apply to the new underpass at Ma Liu Shui and the new overpass on the north side of the Science Park (both are permanent structures). However, the restrictions do not apply to other similar structures on the cycle path network.

In the immediate area, no restrictions apply to the underpass at the KCRC's University station, nor must we dismount at the two overpasses which connect the Tolo Harbour cycle path to the station. All the locations I have mentioned are part of the dedicated cycle path network, so why the discrepancies in the law?

Surely the cycle path is provided so cyclists can cycle and not have to push their bikes. I cannot believe this has anything to do with safety.

The condition of the Tolo Harbour cycle path is far from perfect, with rutted concrete sections, puddles, protruding manhole covers, gauntlets of wire fencing and construction waste strewn across the surface.

This is just another example of the government's lack of thought and consideration when providing a so-called service for the general public. I hope that the relevant officials can give me their views, through these columns.


Tai Po