They Said it This Week

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 July, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 July, 1993, 12:00am

LOCKEYEAR ''Would you employ gardeners as journalists? There is no relevance, we are a completely different profession.'' - Police spokesman Eric Lockeyear, explaining why military personnel forced on to Civvy Street when the Garrison leaves Hong Kongwould be unlikely to succeed in the police force.

OFFICER ''Would you put your trust in an organisation whose morale depends on whether or not their boss has got a special number plate?'' - A senior army officer's reply LIU, ZHANG ''These things when combined with the historical remnants of feudalism have created money worshipping, hedonism, ultra-individualism and other erroneous ideas.'' - Generals Liu Hua-qing and Zhang Zhen writing in the People's Daily about the dangers of ''corruptive ideas and lifestyles of capitalism'' within the army.

LEONG ''Of course you will not die because of this, but you will have problems.'' - Professor John Leong, complaining about 24-hour waits for surgery for some accident victims at Queen Mary Hospital.

LEE ''It is a very strong indictment of our legal system if I can't find a solicitor . . . After 1997, would anyone be willing to take on the Bank of China?'' - Martin Lee, worried about the fact that 18 Hong Kong legal firms refused to handle his libel suit against Simon Li, a prominent figure working on the post 1997 arrangements.

WOO ''At this historical moment for Hong Kong, public confidence is very delicate. We have the responsibility to maintain and increase their faith in the law.'' - Law Society president Roderick Woo, whose firm offered to take the case.

WOO ''It makes me wonder if we have been manipulated for a political purpose.'' - Roderick Woo again, on hearing that Mr Lee had cast doubt on his firm's ability in the libel area.

TSO ''It is unwise to make one's views known at too early a stage, otherwise there will be no turning back.'' - Alfred Tso, winner of the Legco by-election for the Regional Council functional constituency, explaining why he was not always prepared to answer questions.

KEECH ''The Hong Kong population is Westernising not only its cholesterol levels, but probably its heart disease rates too.'' - Dr Anthony Keech whose recent studies have found Hong Kong has cholesterol levels far higher than in the United States.

WONG ''They refuse to recognise that their fortune has been built on the staff's devotion.'' - CMB driver Wong Kai-man who will lose his $10,000 a month job and $200 a month staff flat after 31 years of working for the bus company. He is four years away from retirement. CMB is laying off 170 workers.

NG ''Coverage, coverage, coverage.'' - Hubert Ng, CSL Mobile director, explaining what his customers want in the context of the MTR's new ability to accept mobile phone calls underground.