PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 August, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 August, 2002, 12:00am

David Ireland

California Dreamin'


The lunatics really have taken over the asylum. Obviously under threat of being buried under the weight of new Cafe Del Mar releases, David Ireland - publisher of BPM Culture magazine - has decided to have a crack at the game himself.

California Dreamin' is his attempt to capture 'that perfectly surreal cinematic moment'. And while it's not entirely clear what he's on about, Ireland doesn't do too shabby a job in compiling an atmospheric little collection.

Kicking things off is a laid-back and very different take on the Bill Withers classic, Ain't No Sunshine, by the Azul Project. It, along with Coldcut's Autumn Leaves, goes somewhere towards getting things into a lazy, evening-type groove. But it's not long before you realise Ireland spends more time behind a desk than behind the decks. Some of the tracks are mixed in with each other, some not; some blend well, some don't. It's by no means the complete article.

But, having said that, it's no disaster either. Ireland has unearthed some gems - including Rae & Christian's languid Should Have Known (featuring Lovetronic's Lisa Shaw), the breezy Ten Scroats to A Pound from the Amalgamation Of Soundz, and an ethereal Breeze by Nu Mood Orchestra - to show that rather than raid the usual chill-out compilation back catalogue, he has at least made an effort.