Students get an opportunity to ask tutor questions

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 August, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 August, 2002, 12:00am

Some students are too shy to ask questions - especially if they have to speak English. In tomorrow's Songbirds radio drama, you will hear a group of students taking part in a seminar.

A seminar is an opportunity for students to ask their tutor questions and to clarify topics that they did not understand during the lectures.

In the extract below, pay attention to how the students ask their tutor, Dr Lo, questions. Dr Lo asks his students to write an article. Try and ask your teacher these questions the next time you are given an assignment.

Alysha: How long does it have to be, Sir?

Dr Lo: About 500 words.

Ted: What if it's below 500 words?

Dr Lo: That's OK.

Daisy: So if it's 300 words, that's OK?

Dr Lo: No, Daisy, 300 words would not be long enough.

Daisy: But you said below 500 words is OK!

Dr Lo: If it's 450 or 480 words or something like that, it's OK.

Alysha: When's the deadline, Sir?

Dr Lo: Friday.

Bax: Friday! What time?

Dr Lo: Anytime, as long as I get it before I leave.

Bax: Before six?

Dr Lo: Five. Before five.

Daisy: Can we hand it in on Monday morning?

Dr Lo: No, Daisy. I want to mark your assignments over the weekend. Monday will be too late.

Ted: Can we e-mail the assignment to you, Patrick?

Dr Lo: No, Ted. That would clog up my e-mail account.

Alysha: So we should give you a hard copy of our assignment, Sir.

Dr Lo: Yes. Put it in my pigeon hole before five on Friday.

Daisy: What if we haven't finished?

Dr Lo: Do your best, Daisy.

Alysha: Will we get marks deducted if we're late, Sir?

Dr Lo: Just don't be late, Alysha. Part of a journalist's work is to write stories to strict deadlines.

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