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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 September, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 September, 2002, 12:00am

As the world's largest developing country, China will continue to work hard, honour its commitments with deeds and steadfastly take the road of sustainable development.

A pledge from Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji (above).

It is like making an anti-theft agreement at a burglar's booze-up.

Charles Secrett, executive director of Friends of the Earth, ridiculing Britain's voluntary business 'Transparency Initiative'.

Think slowly. Don't pull a Bill Clinton and ask what the definition of 'is' is.

Advice from Joseph Grundfest, a professor of law at Stanford University, for executives or board members facing investigation for corporate wrongdoing.

You have failed us.

An accusation aimed at world leaders attending the Earth Summit in South Africa from Catherine Kamping, leader of the Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly.

I go to work, I get off work. I have no opinion about this.

Taiwanese businessman Chen Chen-tung, determined not to let cross-strait politics interfere with his job.

It strikes me as quite problematic that you'd be promising to pay someone even if they leave for inappropriate behaviour.

University of Pennsylvania corporate law professor David Skeel expressing what we all feel these days after a number of disgraced executives this year walked away with multi-million-dollar packages.

The whole thing to me just stinks. They have made it like another club . . . I also wonder, as a business thing, what the hell they are doing with all that money.

A disgruntled parent airing her views over a proposal by the Discovery Bay International School to introduce premium HK$150,000 debentures that would see a buyer's child jump to the front of an already very long waiting list.

The war drums are pushing the price higher.

Lee Drollas, of the Centre for Global Energy studies in London, explaining why oil prices soared to 12-month highs on Friday after US and British planes bombed a target in Iraq.