Hong Kong air pollution

Air pollution: you have your say

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 September, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 May, 2015, 3:07pm

Try the following quick quiz.

1. According to a recent survey, which city had the worst air quality?

a) Taipei; b) Los Angeles c) Tokyo, or d) Hong Kong.

2. What are some everyday problems that are related to bad air quality?

a) heart and lung disease; b) increases in hospital admissions and school

absences; c) sore throats, coughing, irritated eyes, asthma, or d) all of the above.

3. How many people die unnecessarily every year in Hong Kong because of bad air quality.

a) 100 b) 200 c) 1,000 d) 2,000

4. How much does Hong Kong spend every year in health treatment and lost working hours because of bad air quality?

a) $380,000 b) $3.8 million c) $380 million d) $3.8 billion.

5. What is the cause of 50 per cent of all RSPs (Respirable Suspended Particulates, major pollution particles) in Hong Kong?

a) Factories on the mainland; b) power plants; C) private cars and buses, or

d) diesel vehicles.

6. What can you personally do to improve Hong Kong's air quality?

a) Ask drivers to turn off their engines while they are stationary and support petitions to fine idling vehicles;

b) Write a letter to the Legislative Council asking for better air quality controls and zero emission legislation;

c) Use cleaner transport (MTR, trams, bicycles and walking) or, d) All of the above.

If you answered 'D' to all these questions, you score a perfect score. 'D' is the grade that Hong Kong legislators and administrators should get until they clean up their act and support tougher emission laws and preventative measures.