The information age

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 September, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 16 September, 2002, 12:00am


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Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct sentence or phrase from below:

This is the age of technology. (1)___ Of all the new technological wonders, personal computers, or PCs, have probably had the greatest influence on the everyday lives of ordinary people.

(2)___ , we can talk to people all over the world, (3)___ , work from home, shop and entertain ourselves. Personal computers have particularly revolutionised communication and business practices over the past 20 years.

(4)___ is that it has brought the world closer to people who may not otherwise have the ability to communicate with the outside world. For example, housebound people, invalids, the aged, to name just a few groups of people, (5)___

As with anything new, this technology revolution has also caused a lot of headaches and serious problems. E-mails are fast taking over from more conventional forms of communication such as letter-writing and even phone calls. (6)___ We can send a message to hundreds of people instantaneously, but (7)___ at the same time. Most of these are junk mail and we can't block them all out. It takes time to delete them and (8)___ there are more in our junk box.

(9)___ is particularly disconcerting when we consider how many young people use the Internet. A computer-literate child can receive pornographic photos and access conversations about sex in a chat-room. (10)___ , who may lure them into a meeting and cause them harm. It seems we can do very little to protect them, short of disconnecting the Internet. (11)___ Most probably not.

(12)___ Computer hackers use their skills to obtain secret business information and to steal money by hacking into credit-card accounts. (13)___ hackers who try to transfer money out of customers' accounts and into their own. (14)___

Computers have made our lives easier, but they have done so at a great cost. (15)___

A. The banks claim to be one step ahead of

B. Although expedient, they are fast becoming a nuisance.

C. by the time we've done this

D. Every day, new technology allows us to explore unimagined frontiers.

E. research millions of topics

F. Is this practical?

G. are now able to access the worldwide Web or chat with people without leaving their homes.

H. This lack of censorship in cyberspace

I. But, for how long?

J. we can also receive hundreds of e-mails

K. Let's hope we can find a solution fast.

L. Another serious problem is computerised crime.

M. Through computers

N. Perhaps the most important aspect of this new technology

O. Youngsters are easy prey for depraved people

Answers: 1.D; 2.M; 3.E; 4.N; 5.G; 6.B; 7.J; 8.C; 9.H; 10.O; 11.F; 12.L; 13.A; 14.I; 15.K