Uniformly attractive

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 September, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 September, 2002, 12:00am

SCHOOL UNIFORMS are so boring. They do not allow for individuality, and some look really ugly.

Haven't we all whined about this before? To look better in your uniform, here are some hot tips from fashion designer Anna Tso Yee-kwan - a lecturer at The Institute of Vocational Education's fashion and textiles department.

For the boys

Most of your uniforms look similar: a white shirt with either grey, blue or beige trousers.

Ms Tso's only advice: avoid a briefcase-type school bag. 'It will make you look like an office worker,' she said.


'This is a traditional style. It would be best if you could exploit this feature,' Ms Tso said.

Leave your hairstyle simple. Straight hair, a pigtail or braids all go well with this look.

Hand-held school bags look good with a cheungsam. 'Even better is the rattan case, which will create a classic look,' Ms Tso said.

Shoes and socks should be kept simple as well. Short socks and shapely loafers will do.

Western-style dress

'It gives that cute, Western young lady impression. And why not go with a perm?' Ms Tso suggested. 'Make it a little curly - but don't overdo it.'

Avoid satchels. The line across your chest together with the belt will form a complicated pattern. Use a shoulder bag instead.

Opt for Mary Janes and long socks.

Sailor style

'This style has a lively, joyful air about it,' Ms Tso said.

And it's flexible too. Without the belt, satchels or shoulder bags go well with this look. Straight or curly hair will also go down well.

And for footwear, short socks with traditional lace-ups are the best.


'This is not a traditional uniform style,' Ms Tso said. 'It is more modern. A shoulder bag will look great with it.'

Ms Tso also recommends pigtails as the best hairstyle to opt for. As for your feet, long socks and Mary Janes will do.

Executive style

This normally comprises a blouse with a simple, straight skirt. For this style, Ms Tso recommends a briefcase-style school bag: 'Don't go for shoulder bags. They will pull on the blouse and take away the elegance.'

Shoes with heels are recommended, but socks are not, unless they are part of your uniform.

As for your hair, 'anything looks good with this style,' Ms Tso said.

School bag colours

If your uniform is mainly white, choose a blue, grey or black school bag.

'These colours give a sense of seriousness and discipline - and go well with the school environment,' Ms Tso said.

But if you find them boring, follow these steps:

First, identify the other colours on your uniform. Is there a dark green stripe on your skirt? You might find more colours on checked skirts.

Then pick one that you like. Go for the darker colours in that tone.

For instance, if your trousers are beige, or your skirt yellow, a brown, dark brown or tan bag would be ideal. If you like red, choose magenta or maroon.

'But avoid sharp colours such as scarlet or bright yellow,' advised Ms Tso. 'These are good for kindergarten kids, but teenagers need to take away that air of naivety.'