John F. Kennedy

We're not wed, say Hannah and her Kennedy

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 August, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 August, 1993, 12:00am

ACTRESS Daryl Hannah and John F. Kennedy Jr arrived in Hong Kong last night, dodging the press and denying rumours they were getting married.

Looking tired after a flight from The Philippines, they pulled into one of the colony's top hotels in less than Hollywood style.

It was a Kowloon taxi rather than a limousine that delivered them to their deluxe suite at The Regent.

Spotting photographers as they emerged from the arrival hall at Kai Tak, Mr Kennedy doubled back leaving Hannah to sit outside guarding their bags.

Mr Kennedy, son of the assassinated US president, then returned and accused journalists of harassing Hannah in his absence.

Hannah, best known for her role as a mermaid in the movie Splash, said it was her first trip to Hong Kong and they were ''just visiting''.

They stood briefly in a crowded taxi line, then suddenly sprinted towards an underpass, hotly pursued by the press.

They then jumped on to a bus, shaking off the journalists.

Earlier yesterday, they told reporters in Manila their Pacific tour was not a honeymoon. ''We're not married, just friends,'' Mr Kennedy said.

The couple, who have been at the centre of world press speculation for a week, stayed in the US protectorate of Palau before flying to Manila.

They stayed at the exclusive five-star Palau resort where they regularly went scuba diving. Both are certified divers.

Mr Kennedy has been described as the world's most eligible bachelor, and Hannah has been voted one of the world's worst dressed women.

She certainly wasn't making much of a fashion statement yesterday, arriving at The Regent looking dishevelled and distinctly un-colour co-ordinated.

The glamorous film star image was left behind in Los Angeles and for most part the couple went unnoticed in the hotel.

Hannah was particularly dismayed to arrive at the hotel to find the Sunday Morning Post waiting. She dipped back into the taxi to warn her partner and then made a rush for the lobby.

Mr Kennedy was a little more cool about it. Although looking equally sullen, he managed to raise half a smile and reiterate: ''No. We are not engaged to be married.''