Documentary watch

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 November, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 November, 2002, 12:00am

In The Wild: White Elephants With Meg Ryan

World, 8pm

Elephants have played a vital role in Thailand's history and culture. They hauled timber and helped build much of the country. But logging was banned in Thailand in 1989, in an attempt to save the forests, and suddenly many of Thailand's elephants had to find new ways to earn a living. American actress Meg Ryan (above) meets conservationists and elephant enthusiasts and learns of the wide-ranging and imaginative efforts being employed to secure the future of the pachyderms. Ryan's journey takes her into the forests of northern Thailand. There she enrols on a one-to-one crash course in elephant riding at a mahout training school, and learns about the special relationship forged between elephant and keeper, discovering that being a mahout means devoting one's life to the care of an individual elephant. Finally, Ryan goes in search of the elusive white elephant.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Pearl, 9.30pm

The third and final Indiana Jones episode sees Indy (Harrison Ford) searching for his father Professor Henry Jones (Sean Connery, above right with Ford) who has mysteriously disappeared while looking for the Holy Grail. Once again Hitler has his sights set on the same artefact as Jones and the adventurer must contend with Nazi henchmen, not to mention a romp through a German castle, a death-defying biplane dogfight and a gruelling confrontation aboard an unstoppable tank. Also starring Denholm Elliott, John Rhys-Davies and River Phoenix. (1989)

The Shadow

HBO, 7.15pm

Crime-fighting superhero The Shadow started life as a radio show character. In his big-screen incarnation, Alec Baldwin (above) takes on the dual role of The Shadow and his playboy alter ego, Lamont Cranston, both of whom must thwart the ruthless Shiwan Khan (John Lone) in his quest for world domination. Armed with the ability to cloud men's minds and become virtually invisible (except, of course, for a tell-tale shadow) and assisted in his mission by socialite Margo Lane (Penelope Ann Miller), The Shadow prepares for a showdown with his nemesis. Also starring Jonathan Winters, Tim Curry and Ian McKellen. (1994)