HK exporters found innocent

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 November, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 November, 2002, 12:00am

London (Nov 21): The Economist, one of the most influential of British weekly reviews, to-day finds Hongkong exporters innocent of the charge that they have flooded the Commonwealth markets with cheap Chinese and Japanese goods masquerading as Hongkong products.

'It now seems clear,' the Economist writes, 'that conditions that might have enabled such abuse have disappeared since the war.'

Firms seized

London (Nov 22): Britain is expected to ask the Chinese Communists to pay compensation for the British firms whose seizure was revealed yesterday.

But judging by past performance, the British will not get a nickel.

Moscow and Peking Radios announced yesterday that the Communists had taken over four British-owned firms in Shanghai - a gas works, waterworks, a street-car line and shipping company.

The companies, worth an estimated GBP3,500,000, were seized by troops backed by trade unionists. Workers celebrated noisily with firecrackers and music, Peking Radio said.

A Foreign Office spokesman to-day revealed that on two previous occasions Britain had asked for compensation when British assets were expropriated by the Communists in China. The Chinese Communist Government gave no satisfaction at either time, he said.

Penny trouble

Hongkong (Nov 27): Yik Sim, 38, a woman employed by a fish stall, was fined $10 at Central yesterday when she pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of small coins in excess of reasonable requirements.

The woman was caught by a policeman in Hollywood Road on Tuesday. She was found to have 1,500 ten-cent pieces in her possession.

Hubby club

Yokohama (Nov 21): An 'I Love My Wife' organisation by devoted Japanese husbands was inaugurated to-day in a solemn ceremony at a Shintoist shrine.

Among those present were Yozo Nomura, President of the Yokohama New Grand Hotel and Kiyoshi Nakarai, President of the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

'There is no such word as 'kyosai' (wife-phobia) in the dictionary of our members,' a slogan of the new organisation said. Already in existence is another organisation called 'Kyosai-kai', an organisation of hen-pecked husbands who are 'afraid' of their wives.