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Top songwriter is held for fraud and tax evasion linked to fund-raising schemes

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 November, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 November, 2002, 12:00am

Zhang Junyi, a mainland lyricist, has been detained for alleged fraud and tax evasion, according to a report.

Zhang is the second close associate of top official Zeng Qinghuai to be detained for investigation in the past two months, the 21st Century Global News said. Mr Zeng is a senior broadcast official in the Cultural Ministry and the younger brother of Politburo Standing Committee member Zeng Qinghong.

The other associate is Zhao An, a celebrity director of state-run Chinese Central Television (CCTV), who is under investigation for alleged corruption involving up to 10 million yuan (HK$9.4 million).

Zhao was detained in September after a variety show in Macau, according to state media.

Zhang, in his early 30s, is an award-winning entrepreneur. The report said he was accused of abusing charitable fund-raising programmes for private gains.

State media had in the past praised Zhang's 'good deeds', including his financial support of 3,000 orphans from impoverished districts in Jilin, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan provinces, including their schooling.

Zhang, a native of Liaoyuan city in Jilin province, was also reported to have donated more than 20 million yuan since 1988 to establish foundations for flood victims, orphans and to promote children's literacy.

Both Zhang and Zhao are executive producers of major television shows for CCTV.

Zhao was for years the producer of the annual Lunar New Year extravaganza, a five-hour variety show with a huge television audience.

In China, performers and artist's agents sometimes pay show producers to appear on popular programmes.