A taste of Britpop

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 December, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 December, 2002, 12:00am

'BEST-OF' ALBUMS can be a marketing trick to suck cash out of fans' pockets, using a band's name to re-release songs we already have. But my perception has changed after listening to Hits, a brilliant collection of songs from the past decade by Britpop band Pulp.

The album is a retrospective of Pulp's golden era under the Island label since 1992. Before that, the band was relatively unknown, despite having released three albums and nine singles.

Out of the 16 songs on Hits, 15 are singles from four albums. The catchy Do You Remember The First Time? (1994's His'n Hers) was the dawn of Pulp's stardom. Common People, Sorted For E's & Wizz and Disco 2000 (1995's Different Class) confirmed Pulp's leading role in the Britpop era.

Help The Aged and This Is Hardcore (1998's This Is Hardcore) saw the band explore a darker musical side. They then went back to basics with Trees, Bad Cover Version and Sunrise (last year's We Love Life).

There's also a new song Last Day Of The Miners' Strike.

Hits doesn't just trace Pulp's evolution over the past 10 years, it preserves memories of Britpop's good old days.