Bax gets the blues over his B grade

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 December, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 December, 2002, 12:00am

Students talk a lot about grades. In this week's Songbirds radio youth drama, you can hear how we talk about grades in English. Journalism students at Urban University Community College were asked to write an assignment about rave parties and recreational drugs. In the extract below, they are about to hear the grades they got for their assignments.

Regular Songbirds listeners will know that one of the students, Daisy, was a rebel. Daisy used to be rude to her teachers and she never paid attention in class nor did she do her homework. But since taking up journalism, a subject she liked, there has been a change in her attitude. So what grade do you think Daisy will get? Read on and find out.

Bax: So, what marks did we get?

Dr Lo: Well, Bax, I gave you a B.

Bax: B?

Dr Lo: B is good, Bax. And Alysha, I gave you a B plus.

Alysha: Thanks, Sir.

Ted: How about me?

Dr Lo: Also a B plus, Ted.

Ted: Cool.

Dr Lo: And Daisy, I gave you an A plus.

Daisy: (Stunned) An . . . an A plus!

Dr Lo: Despite everything, I had to mark you on what you actually wrote and it was, I have to say, a fine piece of journalism.

Alysha: Wow, Daisy, another A plus. Well done.

Ted: Cool, Daisy.

Bax: I see, so I suppose if I had disobeyed you, Sir, I might have got an A plus.

Dr Lo: I'm sorry, Bax. Please don't see it that way. Your contribution was good, that's why I gave you a B. But your piece needed more bite.

Bax: That word again - bite.

Dr Lo: Yes, it was a little too impersonal.

Bax: I was being objective.

Dr Lo: Which is good but [for] this kind of social journalism, a little compassion and understanding wouldn't go amiss.

Bax: Compassion and understanding.

Dr Lo: Yes, Bax.

Notice how Bax is feeling a little upset. He got a B, a good grade, but lower than his classmates.

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