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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 December, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 December, 2002, 12:00am

I am astounded and dismayed by the court's ruling. I will appeal the decision to the highest level necessary.

George Soros (above), the manager of the world's largest hedge fund, after being convicted by a French court and ordered to pay a fine of 2.2 million euros (about HK$17.6 million) for insider trading.

The soul of Rolls-Royce is British. It is and always has been a symbol of our freedom.

Michael Shrimpton, non-executive chairman of Crewe Motors, reacting to news that German-based BMW will unveil the first German-built Rolls-Royce on January 1, after one of the most secretive new-car projects ever.

First they ban God and now they ban Santa.

Bill Shorten, the secretary of the Australian Workers' Union, after 750 of the nation's steel workers went on strike to protest against the end of a Christmas hamper giving tradition.

They could not adjust to the hectic and competitive environment in their new workplace.

Union president Joy Sengupta explaining the suicide of workers who had moved on from the Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation, an Indian firm which, despite employing a full workforce, has been completely idle for 20 years.

How else could Fleischer have responded? He could hardly admit that policymakers are no longer committed to supporting the strong dollar policy.

Sydney-based Macquarie Bank currency strategist Jo Masters.

Chase people thought JP Morgan were a bunch of arrogant investment bankers. JP Morgan thought Chase were a bunch of average commercial bankers and they both thought JF were a bunch of Bufton Tuftons who didn't know how to deal with Americans. The result: blood was spilled all over the place.

An industry observer.

If we feel the terms and conditions of work here are not adequate for the kind of service that we offer, we will simply not approve the contracts of people coming here.

Philippine Labour Secretary Patricia Sto Tomas ups the ante over the proposed HK$500 monthly tax for foreign domestic helpers.

People in Shanghai are going to like this.

Shanghai Oriental Television executive director Teng Junjie predicting the success of a new game show that gives even home viewers the chance to get rich.