After dark

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 January, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 January, 2003, 12:00am

Fancy an alternative night out? How about taking a dip into the underworld? We're not talking choppers in Mongkok - use your imagination and take it back to the old school: trench coats, dark glasses and chase scenes on the metro.

The Event: French film-noir director Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece Le Samourai (1967) is being screened at the Arts Centre this Sunday. John Woo called it 'the closest thing to a perfect movie that I have ever seen' and audiences have been marvelling at its sparse power for decades. Inspired by the 1930s Hollywood crime movies, it tells the tale of Jeff Costello, played by the poker-faced pretty boy Alain Delon. Costello is a professional killer who sets out for a typical day at work: stealing a car, killing a man in a nightclub and setting up some unbreakable alibis. There are flaws though: his boss doesn't trust him and he has left a sultry pianist - a witness - behind. Cat-and-mouse scenes through the Paris underground follow - scenes so lacking in dialogue and heavy with meaning they crackle. This is a screening of the World Film Classics, a co-presentation by the Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Film Critics' Society, and a rare chance to see the flick on the big screen. Sun, 5.30pm. Lim Por Yen Film Theatre, Arts Centre, Wan Chai. $50 ($30) Ticketek. Inquiries: 2824 5329 or 2582 0200

Carrying On: Now it's time for your own performance. Follow in the footsteps of generations of dirty rats who got lost in the crowd in Rio de Janeiro. Dart between the crowds and head for the nearest MTR. Run manically through the carriages as the train winds its way past Admiralty, until you screech to a halt at Tsim Sha Tsui. Once there, slink into the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel for the perfect event to get lost in. Remove the trench coat and blend into the carnival scene with the sequinned number you have ingeniously worn underneath. Marco Polo Brazil Brazil 2003 has taken over the sixth-floor concourse (car park area), which annually holds the Bierfest. The large marquee, set against the astounding views of the harbour, has long tables set up to face a stage graced by Brazilian swingers Marcelo Barra and the Brazil Brazil Band. They are a comical five-piece who play fantastic samba numbers at a hip-shaking pace. Joining them on the dance floor is a cast of dancers in some astounding carnival costumes. They have perfected interacting with the audience - if you're shy, don't make eye contact with them because they will grab you for a dance. Entry costs $120 - which entitles you to one potent glass of Piturinha, the national tipple, and an all-you-can-eat feast on the outdoor Brazilian barbeque. Highlights of the authentic fodder on offer include the charcoal-grilled beef rump caps, which sizzle under the watchful eye of visiting Brazilian chef Sabbag. Today-Sun, 5.30pm-11pm (entertainment starts at 7.30pm). 6/F Concourse, The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Inquiries: 2113 3314