PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 12:00am

Your correspondent Walter Williams (South China Morning Post, February 15) asks whether it is possible to constantly adjust the bus TV sound level to keep it at 'ambient noise level' as if this would finally solve the noise pollution problem.

Even if the sound could be kept at this level the problem would remain as it would still be audible to those passengers who do not wish to hear it.

Mr Williams states that an acceptable solution to the bus TV noise issue still seems far off.

This is only because the Transport Department continues to ignore the fact that the 'quiet zone' idea that it persists with has failed for the past two years to provide any quiet, both in its original and reconfigured arrangements.

Also, the department has never explained why it thinks it reasonable to confine passengers who do not wish to be disturbed to the lower deck in a small, relatively uncomfortable area which has already been made noisy from the engine and air-conditioner unit, and which may not even be available on busy buses.

Instead of pursuing the bankrupt quiet zone idea why is the department not working with the bus companies to provide wireless technology to transmit the sound for those who want to hear it to do so on their own headphones?

This would allow those passengers who want the additional facility of bus televisions to have personal control over the volume level, while not inconveniencing or disturbing those who only want the transport facility the bus franchises were designed to provide.

Would someone from the Transport Department please explain why this obvious solution is not even being considered?


Ap Lei Chau