PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 March, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 March, 2003, 12:00am

The Crown Prince of Tonga - mambo dancer, military buff and technology whizz - joined a dinner hosted by the gorgeous Sophia Harilela at the Foreign Correspondents' Club this week.

The laconic and laid-back prince, who is in Hong Kong seeing friends and tending to his telephone business, entertained the dinner party with stories about playing elephant polo with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr ('funnily enough Ringo stopped playing after he quit drugs...') and eagle hunting in Mongolia ('one of them swooped down and attacked my fur hat').

Other guests included leading barrister Kevin Egan, who politely declined the prince's offer to set him up as a judge in Tonga. And Thomas Crampton, FCC president, who, with Sophia Harilela, gently cajoled the prince into making a donation to the FCC's September Charity Ball.