PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 April, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 April, 2003, 12:00am

From House To Home

Pearl, 9pm

In this new, eight-part back-to-basics series, property developer Sarah Beeny (above) and interior designer Oliver Heath reveal the tricks of the trade for turning your house into a perfect home. Room by room and in the garden, the team use their professional know-how to give both practical and creative advice. From the kitchen to the living room and from the bathroom to the bedroom, they apply basic design principles to lighting, storage, colour and layout to transform a typical suburban semi-detached house into a cool, contemporary home. In the first programme the pair share their expert tips for creating an efficient and beautiful kitchen with advice on choosing the right worktop, picking the best colour scheme, finding the cleverest gadgets and using lighting to best effect.

Boston Public

Pearl, 10.30pm

As Winslow High's senior prom approaches the faculty are outraged to discover the ballroom decorations have been vandalised and a group of female students are auctioning themselves as dates. Meanwhile, Steven Harper (Chi McBride, above) decides to allow gay student Robin Chambers (LB Fisher) to compete for the prom queen's crown and Marla Hendricks (Loretta Devine) receives a visit from an old flame.

Taboo: Tests Of Faith

National Geographic, 10pm

All religions make demands on their followers for the blessings they impart. But some people go to extreme lengths to prove their faith. In the Philippines, Easter is a celebration of suffering, not redemption, and every year some Christians crucify themselves to expiate their sins. In New Guinea, to ensure a good yam harvest, the spirits insist that young men tie vines to their legs and jump off a cliff - a leap of faith that can turn deadly. And in Greece, a pagan ritual adopted by some Greek Orthodox believers requires the faithful to dance across burning coals and dip their fingers in boiling oil. These taboo practices all display a common human belief: the stronger your faith, the more you can ask of your god.