PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 April, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 April, 2003, 12:00am

In The Valley Of The Eagles

World, 9pm

Jean Keen, known as the 'eagle woman', is fighting to protect wild eagles in Homer, Alaska. Every November to April, 300 to 400 of these magnificent birds of prey live in Keen's garden. She has been feeding them for 20 years and the birds seem to have communicated the good news to each other.

Rocket Men Of Mission 105

Pearl, 9.30pm

Mission 105 represents mankind's next step towards the final frontier, as space shuttle Discovery blasts off on a journey to the international space station Alpha. With access to Nasa's manned space programme, this film follows astronauts Scott Horowitz, Rick Sturkcow, Dan Barry and first-time flyer Patrick Forrester on their daring 11-day mission. The cameras are with them every step of the way, experiencing the exhilaration of the launch, the tension of the rendezvous with the massive space station, the stress of a long and complex space walk and the fiery re-entry home, giving an amazing behind-the-scenes view of life in space and at mission control.

Return To River Cottage

World, 8pm

Escaping the stress of the city and its sprawl is a dream for many of us. This acclaimed series follows British TV chef, author and green-living enthusiast Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (above) as he explores the rural dream in Dorset, England. Fearnley-Whittingstall offers insights and laughs as he visits markets, farmers and producers, encountering plenty of characters along the way.

US$100 Taxi Ride: Anchorage And Hobart

National Geographic, 9pm

Larry Reed (above) takes us on a tour of the biggest city in the biggest state of the United States: Anchorage, Alaska. This cabbie, a goldminer who knows 27 black bears by name, takes a tour of Earthquake Park, the centre of one of the most seismically active places on Earth, and meets the city's pet reindeer.

In Hobart, capital of the island state of Tasmania, Australia, we visit the historic Richmond gaol and meet some orphaned kangaroos and wombats, and the most intriguing attraction - a Tasmanian devil.