PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 April, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 April, 2003, 12:00am

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The last few days, I have been having difficulties getting to sleep. My bed is comfortable enough. I've tried listening to meditation music and switching the air-conditioning to high cool, but none of these methods seem to work. Please help me. How can I fall asleep more easily?

Sleepless in Hong Kong

It sounds a though you have got something on your mind. I am sure that you will sleep well when you have addressed whatever is bugging you. Worries always seem worse at night, so think about what is worrying you during the day. Taking control of your worry or fear is half the battle, so try writing down what is bothering you. When you see it written down you will realise it's not so bad. Next imagine that it is someone else's problem and try offering that person advice about what to do. Or try talking to a friend about what is bothering you. Sweet dreams.

Phone envy

My Dad bought me a Nokia 8250 mobile for my birthday six months ago. I really liked it until I saw what my best friend got for his birthday - an NEC N8. Now I am embarrassed having such an old model. And I am jealous of my friend - his phone can take pictures! I told my Dad but he says I have to wait for my birthday to get another mobile. What can I do to make him get me the latest model?

Name and address supplied

I am getting very strong spoilt-brat vibes from your letter. But leaving those aside, let's consider your problem: you were given a phone. You liked it. Your friend got a better phone. You stopped liking your phone. So we can deduce that if your friend had not got a more updated phone you would still be content with yours. Consider this: the phone companies will always be bringing out newer models. Even if you managed to persuade your Dad to buy you the NEC N8, there would be an even better model out before the end of the year. Consider yourself lucky that you have a Dad generous enough to buy you a phone every year. And when you get your next one in six months, it will be more modern than your friend's NEC N8.