Just for the record

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 May, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 May, 2003, 12:00am

UK DJ JOOLS is currently a resident at C Club as part of his Asian tour. For the past decade he has been playing for clubs such as Renaissance, Progress and Club XIII in Moscow. In his experience, having a huge record collection is one of the secrets to success.

'I actually started by playing at school discos, purely because I had a bigger record collection than anyone at school!' says DJ Jools, who began DJing around 1990 in his home town Derby. The self-taught DJ co-runs a club called Silicon which has a special Friday night music policy. 'It's called 'quality underground house', which basically translates as deep, techy, tribal house with a smattering of progressive and breaks thrown in for good measure,' he says.

DJ Jools' Top 10

1. Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack

'One of the most moving dance records of all time.'

2. Not Forgotten by Leftfield

' Arguably the very first 'progressive house' record.'

3. Hoomba Hoomba by Voice Of Africa

' One of the original Ibiza Sunset tracks.'

4. Packet Of Peace by Lionrock

' Profound rap from MC Buzz-B over a slamming groove.'

5. Where Love Lives by Alison Limerick

' Anyone who used to go to Shellys in Stoke in 91 DJ Sasha was cutting his teeth will know why I've included this!'

6. Cowgirl (Bedrock Mix) by Underworld

' Digweed's recent update of this classic is still in my box now, three years after release.'

7. Chic-O-Laa (H-Foundation Mix) by Silicon Soul

' The definitive track of the last few years' rise of the American West Coast sound: deep, tribal and funky!'

8.. The Chain by Breeder

' Sums up the sound that was massive four years ago.'

9. Just Give The DJ A Break by Dynamix II

' The best electro track ever.'

10. Go by Moby

' The first single by the now omnipotent geek from NYC.'