PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 June, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 June, 2003, 12:00am


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It's summer holiday time for the SYP team this week. Kate is in Spain and Vivienne is in England. Are you going away this summer? Find out what kind of traveller you are with our Summer Sizzler Travel Quiz.

1. Your main aim on holiday is to:

a. see a new place

b. relax

c. spend time with family/ friends

2. When you get on a plane you:

a. are so excited you can't sleep

b. feel sick to your stomach worried about crashing

c. put on your headphones and watch the inflight movie

3. Would you go to the same holiday destination two years in a row?

a. never - there are too many other places to explore

b. if I liked the spot, why not?

c. doesn't matter as long as I'm with the people I care about

4. Your holiday reading material consists of:

a. Lonely Planet guide book

b. an easy read for the beach

c. don't waste time reading on holiday

5. Your holiday snaps consist mainly of:

a. the people you meet on holiday and the places you visit

b. too chilled out to bother taking pictures

c. family and friends


Mainly As:

You are an intrepid traveller. You love exploring new places and discovering new cultures.

Mainly Bs:

You enjoy lazy summer beach holidays and are probably a sun worshipper.

Mainly Cs:

You don't really mind where you go. Holidays are more about spending time with the people you love than going to new places.