TV veteran plans show to lure tourists back

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 July, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 July, 2003, 12:00am

Veteran producer Robert Chua Wah-peng is still passionate about television after nearly 40 years in the industry.

His next contribution, he hopes, will be a travel programme with a difference.

To be called Unusual Travel Tours, the show aims to reveal the unique culture of countries worldwide in an interesting and innovative way, while encouraging tourists to return to Hong Kong.

'This is basically a tour show where a camera crew will follow the presenter taking a couple around the unusual spots within a country,' he said. 'I will also make it very lively, fun-filled and entertaining.'

The guests will know little or nothing about the places and the camera will capture their reaction as they are taken to these less-visited places.

The show will be shot unrehearsed to capture the tourists' impromptu reactions, be it shock, horror, anger or joy.

In Hong Kong, for example, one surprise outing could be to taste the local speciality foods like snakes' gall bladders or chicken feet, Mr Chua said.

The participants will be shown clues about places where they are being taken. For example, they could be shown a paper mobile phone, and then taken to a shop that sells paper products used in traditional Chinese funerals.

The work on a pilot programme will start in a few weeks.

Maria Cordeiro, popularly known as fei ma, will present the programme.

'She is a very friendly and a warm person, well-known locally though not internationally. She'll convey the warmth and friendliness of Hong Kong very well,' he said. 'It will help promote the city and bring more people here.'

Mr Chua also hopes to sell the programme's format to the rest of the world.