Germans design 6,000 TEU vessel

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 August, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 August, 1993, 12:00am

BREMER Vulkan, Germany's largest shipbuilding group, has completed the design of a 6,000 TEU (20 ft equivalent unit) container ship, and a 5,300 TEU vessel.

According to Bremer Vulkan, no firm orders have been received for the types.

''But we are not undertaking such development work out of the blue,'' said a Vulkan manager.

Last year the yards of the Vulkan group delivered 12 container ships.

Bremer Vulkan is itself actively engaged in container shipping through round-the-world operator Senator Line and the shipowning company Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft, which operates 17 container vessels and two gas tankers.

The two new types will be named BV 5300 and BV 6000, following the yard's other BV types in the 400 to 4,700 TUE size brackets.

The BV 5300 will have a container capacity of 5,252 TEU, of that 2,762 TEU will be carried in the holds - and 300 reefer plugs will be installed.

At 11 tonnes per TEU, the ship can carry about 4,850 TEU, according to the yard.

The ship's overall length is 271 metres, and its breadth 39.4 metres - markedly above Panamax. The type's depth to main deck will be 24.2 metres.

Its design draught is given as 12 metres, corresponding to 49,000 dwt, its scantling draught 13.5 metres, resulting in 61,600 dwt.

No details of the engine type have been given, but the ship's service speed will be 25 knots, Bremer Vulkan said.

The BV 6000 is a lengthened version of the same type.

In most details such as draught, depth and engine output, it is identical with the BV 5300.

But it will carry up to 6,036 TEU, 2,778 of them on deck, as it is 29 metres longer, and its service speed at 24.5 knots will be slightly lower.