Crystal healing

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 August, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 August, 2003, 12:00am

CRYSTAL HEALING IS much talked about in New Age circles, but it's nothing new. Native Americans and aborigines have long used quartz crystals in their healing sessions, as have Indians.

To understand how crystal healing works, you need to understand two things: that the human body is made up of energy fields and energy centres (called chakras); and that crystals emit different vibrations which affect this energy flow.

The atoms in crystals vibrate at a constant rate. It is so regular that you can literally set your watch by it - which is why quartz crystals are used in watches. A crystal healer is able to choose a crystal that has a vibration that will counter their client's pain/illness and so restore the body to its natural balance.

Mandy Coles, a visiting psychic and healer who is at the New Age Shop until August 16, uses crystals in her healing sessions. She also uses colour to help heal the body.

'Colour makes a huge impact on people. Colour heightens cells and can help to bring about healing,' says Coles.

Coles often begins her sessions by showing the client about 20 coloured ribbons and asking them to choose five or six. The chosen colours tell Coles about the person and how they are feeling and, interestingly, are also the same the colours of the person's aura. Yes, Coles can see auras. I ask her what colour mine is and she says she can see light blue, pink, green and purple - strangely similar to the colours I had picked.

Coles has prepared a healing bed in advance, with pink crystal on the left side (feminine) and clear crystals on the right (masculine). There are also crystals running down the middle of the bed - one for each chakra. After the crystals are removed I lie down on the bed.

She begins by holding my feet (this feels great) and then slowly she moves around my body - up the left side around my head and down my left side. Her hands are warm. This, Coles explains, is the energy that she is channelling. She also holds a crystal as she works as this helps to enhance the energy.

The session is very relaxing, but I wonder whether my chakras really are balanced. The seven chakras are the energy centres of the body - each one corresponds to a specific area of the body and has its own colour. It is believed that the energy we create from our thoughts and emotions passes through our chakras and into our bodies. So if you have negative thoughts, they will effect your body.

Coles shows me that my chakras are all fluffed up and happy by passing a pendulum over each one. The two lower chakras that had been a little weak at the beginning of the session are now much more perky.