Florence Geiser, Girl about town

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 August, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 August, 2003, 12:00am

Florence Geiser graduated from the German Swiss International School this summer. She celebrated the end of her school days in Phuket and returned sporting a new hairstyle - multicoloured hair extensions.

It took the best part of a day to braid the red and blonde extensions into her hair and cost just $1,400 - a fraction of what it would have cost if she'd had it done in Hong Kong.

Real hair extensions look much more natural than fake ones, but are much more expensive. In Hong Kong you can expect to pay about $25 a lock (you would need about 100 to 150 locks) for real hair and about $5 a lock for artificial hair.

'I can't believe the amount of attention I've had over my hair. People are always stopping me on the street and asking me about it. The quality of the braids is really good and they are very thin.

'It's a lot cheaper to do it in Thailand than in Hong Kong. The girls that did it were friendly - they gave me coffee and candy and let me lie down while they were doing it. I could have slept if I wanted - only it's hard to sleep when someone is pulling your hair.

'There were anything between three and six girls working on my hair at one time. They said it would take 10 hours but they ended up doing it in nine. Hair extensions come in almost any colour - blonde, black, brown, pink, red.'