Love those labels

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 August, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 August, 2003, 12:00am

There are more glamorous devices than this week's featured gadget but few are as useful. The Casio CW-50 is a not-so-good printer that prints mainly text at a dismal 200 dpi (dots per inch) but what it does have is the snazzy function of being able to print onto CDs.

With most new computers now equipped with CD-R drives, the Casio offers users a neat and easy way to label their data stored on CDs without having to use messy stickers, or worse, permanent markers and handwritten titles.

If you're a gadget freak like me, you'll know exactly what I mean. Basically, with the proliferation of MP3 music, digital images and video, it's now become almost a necessity to burn, or record in proper English, more and more data and labels onto CDs in order to share those images with your friends.

The internet is one easy medium to use for image-sharing, but imagine trying to send 10 photos by e-mail, even with broadband, when each is a 3.2 Mega-pixel image. You'd not only risk overloading your friend's e-mail account, he could also get fined from his ISP for additional storage memory on the e-mail server.

And with digital images so easy to capture, the problem with transferring images, or - ahem - video, is becoming a major bottleneck for gadget enthusiasts. After all, what's the good of a picture or a movie if you don't share it with someone else?

That's why the Casio CW-50 is such a useful addition to your gadget collection. It prints labels directly onto CDs with the bundled software package. It's far from perfect though. It only prints monotone, albeit in a selection of colours, in two dedicated areas (a main heading on top and a sub-heading on the bottom) of the CD. But then again, it beats sticky labels and messy markers for a price of about $1,000.


Clean, efficient solution that meets a growing need


Only prints in monotone; restricted printing area