Lai See

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2003, 12:00am

with enemies like this ...

Eastweek - the copycat publication that replicated Next Magazine's logo and much else for its recent re-launch - has come up with a bizarre 'you give us face, we give you money' marketing campaign targeting its rival.

Eastweek promises readers a free copy of its inaugural issue, on the condition that they buy and deface Next Magazine's September 4 edition.

Eastweek, in other words, is paying money to drive up a competitor's sales. Lai See can think of other publications that would welcome such a rival.

webb clean-up target

A mini-Webb is born.

Corporate do-gooder David Webb has taken on a new project. Fatherhood.

The editor has recently become the proud father of a son, Leo, and is reported to be taking on this new challenge with relish.

Webb, oft loathed for disrupting the Hong Kong octogenarian sect who frequent shareholder meetings, is believed to have named his son after Italian scientist-inventor-artist Leonardo da Vinci. But then again, we would not expect a mundane 'Kevin'' or modest 'Bob'' from the corporate governance protagonist and Mensa member.

Congratulations to Webb, last seen checking the legal age minimum for minority shareholders ...

watch out for more

The recent talks in Beijing over North Korea's nuclear arms programme could be described as tense. But what about a war of words a little closer to home?

Swiss state secretary for foreign affairs Franz Von Daeniken was in town yesterday to hose down tensions arising from the ordering of compulsory Sars check-ups for Hong Kong exhibitors at Zurich's World Watch and Jewellery Show in April.

He described the handling of the incident as 'very Swiss', but does that mean timely - or slightly cuckoo?