Capturing the moments

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 September, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 September, 2003, 12:00am

Inside the cover of Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun Yan Zi's latest CD The Moment, there is a drawing by the 25-year-old, created while she was recording the album.

Sun, who will be taking a one-year break, explained the idea behind her little piece of artwork: '[The drawing] starts off with the apple, which symbolises the origin of life. It's bitten and there is an ant. I guess because I like Salvador Dali, an ant means decadence. This is not a perfect world.'

Higher up, there's a person sitting in front of a grand piano, which is partly Sun's self-portrait.

Bubbles are floating in the air, evolving into different objects.

Sun says this symbolises things and ideas evolving into something concrete.

'A lot of things are without form at the beginning, but they start to evolve into something,' she said.

The drawing was inspired by the lyrics of her new song The Moment. '[Dreams] come in all shapes and forms,' she said.

Sun, an art enthusiast, loves to express herself not just through music but also through drawing. But she never considered studying art when she went to university.

'In Singapore, we are all very practical. We all study [subjects] like finance and law,' said Sun, a marketing graduate from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

'Being practical is not a bad thing. It keeps you on the ground and on track.'

The lifestyle and culture of Singapore allow Sun to live a relatively quiet life.

She says she does not have a paparazzi problem like most celebrities.

'We don't do that in Singapore. People usually leave you alone,' she said. 'Sometimes I feel sorry for [Hong Kong artistes]. They have to wear sunglasses even if they are just going to 7-Eleven. It is really sad.'

But Sun had the same fate earlier this year. She was chased by Hong Kong and Taiwan paparazzi in Singapore after she revealed that she had begun a new relationship.

'It was rare for me. I usually don't get involved in scandals,'' she said. ' I am in a relationship right now, it's out in the open. I don't want to hide anything because I want to be at ease when I go out. There's nothing I feel ashamed about.'

Entering showbiz after graduating in 2000, Sun became one of the top female singers in Asia.

From the first day, she knew she would be giving up some privacy.

She has not had any bad experiences except in July, 2000, when a man armed with a gun tried to attack her during a promotional event in Taiwan. Fortunately, it was just a toy gun.

In addition to developing her music career, Sun has set up a company, hoping to incorporate her university knowledge into her career.

'The company will mainly do administrative work for my production,' she said. 'Hopefully, I will sign on some new artistes and turn it into an artiste-management company.'

Sun dreams of having a house by the sea but it would be impossible in her hometown. 'It will have to be in another country,' she said. She has no idea where, but it's not an issue. 'I like different cultures. I like city life but I enjoy the countryside too. I guess I will have to find somewhere where I can have everything,' she said with a grin.