Marr finds time to forgive and forget

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 05 September, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 05 September, 1993, 12:00am

TED Marr is clearly a forgiving chap, judging by the way he will be spending part of tomorrow evening.

Back in Hong Kong after spending most of the summer in Europe and Australia, Marr will be handing out souvenir wrist watches of July's White Nights ball in St Petersburg for two hours from 6 pm in the bar at Portico's restaurant in Citibank Tower.

The timepieces are for those who paid a $780 deposit for the ball, but did not make it to Russia.

Readers will recall how P.S. printed part of Marr's rebuke to the no-shows in the White Nights programme. About 800 signed up for the ball, but the final tally was 350, with the no-shows apparently pulling out over concern about media reports of political and economic chaos in the former Soviet Union.

The absentees put unexpected pressure on Marr's Bela Vista Ball Company, which paid thousands of US dollars for the use of historic venues in St Petersburg, like the Taurida, Catherine and Yusopov palaces.

''If that [politics] is an excuse because they could not afford to come, then they are stupid and dishonest,'' Marr wrote in pique at the time.

But he seems to be letting bygones be bygones, and is hopeful many will make their way to the next White Nights ball he plans for June 1994.

That will mark an intensive bout of lotus-eating for Marr; within days of that finishing he will fly to Africa for what is tentatively called ''The Wild Nights of Zimbabwe'', culminating in a ball at the Victoria Falls Hotel on July 16.