Election leaflet poses serious questions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 October, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 October, 2003, 12:00am

On November 23, we hope that those of you who are old enough (aged 18 or above) will be exercising your right to vote in the District Council election.

Many election candidates have already started their canvassing campaigns, with some sending out questionnaires to gauge voters' opinions on a number of social and political issues.

Young Post obtained one questionnaire from incumbent district councillor of Kowloon City Ng Ching-man, which turns out to be quite a good piece of English learning material.

The first question that Mr Ng asks is: 'Do you feel any problem of crime of this area?' Can you spot the grammatical mistakes? How would you rephrase the question? Our suggestion is:'Do you think crime is a serious problem in your area?'

Here is the second question: 'Do you satisfy the traffic means of this area?' We are sure none of us could ever 'satisfy' the local traffic even if we tried! The correct way to ask this question should be: 'Are you satisfied with the transportation network within your neighbourhood?'

Here are more questions for you to rewrite and re-phrase. E-mail your efforts to yp@scmp.com and we'll publish the correct answers later this week.

* Do you satisfy the local hygienic and environmental services?

* Do you satisfy the recreation and sports services of this area?'

* Is Sars affecting you personally? (Clue: wrong tense)

* How is your opinion about the issue of Article No 23 of 500,000 people going on protest march on July 1, 2003?