Sports Quiz

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 November, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 November, 2003, 12:00am

1. Who is Hong Kong's top male windsurfer?

2. Denis Law is: (a) the FIFA ethics code. (b) the precursor to the Bosman ruling. (c) an ex-Red Devil. (d) None of these.

3. Where are the 2009 East Asian Games to be held?

4. Whose NHL career goal-scoring record did Mark Messier pass this week?

5. Who rode Makybe Diva to Melbourne Cup victory?

6. Olympic hurdler John Akii-Bua ran for: (a) Ethiopia. (b) Kenya. (c) Uganda. (d) Tanzania.

7. How many marathons did Sir Ranulph Fiennes run last week?

8. Archery is a discipline in the Olympic modern pentathlon - true or false?

9. South Korea's Ahn Shi-hyun is: (a) a downhill skier. (b) a golfer. (c) a soccer player. (d) a marathon runner.

10. In which city were the second modern summer Olympic Games held?

1. Ho Chi-ho. 2. c. 3. Hong Kong. 4. Gordie Howe's. 5. Glen Boss. 6. c. 7. Seven. 8. False. 9. a golfer. 10. Paris.