Corrupt cadres urged to correct their faults

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 September, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 September, 1993, 12:00am

THE Communist Party has asked officials to take their own initiative in rectifying their wrongdoings or face severe punishment in the crackdown against corruption.

The People's Daily yesterday warned officials not to pay lip service to the central orders demanding unlawful and unhealthy practices be halted immediately.

It accused ''some leading officials'' of ignoring the central directives and continuing to trade their powers for personal gains, adding that the masses had been indignant about the prevailing problem of corruption.

''We hope that these cadres can be brave and make self-criticism in the present anti-corruption struggle while taking action to correct their mistakes.'' By taking the initiative, the cadres could rebuild the public trust in them, it said.

''But one worrying trend is that some leading cadres have merely kept their heads low temporarily. They plan to make a comeback and start their unlawful businesses again when the anti-corruption drive slows down.'' The article warned it would be dangerous for the cadres not to ''correct their own mistakes'', saying it would be too late after action had been taken.

Entitled Correct Yourself Before Correcting Others, the article said cadres must take the lead in fighting corruption.

China's propaganda machine is now in full swing after the August 20 launch of a nationwide battle against corruption.

According to the Hong Kong China News Agency, central ministries, provinces and cities have already taken anti-corruption measures to prepare for a full-scale inspection by anti-corruption teams next month.

The report said investigations had been conducted by the party's commissions for discipline inspection and organisation departments, the Ministry of Finance and State Planning Commission, and ministries in charge of economic matters, such as the State Economic and Trade Commission.

All unlawful collection of fees should be cancelled by the end of this month, with results published late next month and late November.

By the end of this year, it said the party central, State Council and provincial authorities should complete an interim report on the anti-corruption drive and devise detailed plans for next year.

The report insisted the central leadership was determined to conduct the anti-corruption campaign without any adverse effects on economic growth.


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