Students show creativity by topping it up

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 12:00am

You may spend lots of time and brain power on thinking how to dress when going to parties - but how about your party hat?

A group of students in Hong Kong took part in a series of workshops on party hat making and have come up loads of surprising designs that you may want to put on your head when partying.

The creations from the workshops will be shown at the 'Mad Hatters Party' exhibition as part of the Celebrate Art in Island East programme by Swire Properties. It will be staged at Taikoo Place from December 9 to 18.

Inspired by Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao's popular work Separate Ways, 15-year-old student Eve Lai King-sum created a tree-like party hat.

'It's interesting that I created something based on my own idea,' she said. 'I feel really excited that my work will be exhibited and shown to lots of people.'

Another student, Carmen Hung Ah-cha, 20, turned her favourite snacks - such as ice-cream and chocolate - into a party hat.

'The way of making a hat was something new to me. It's fun,' Ms Hung said.

Artists and instructors Karen Pow Cheuk-mei and Paul Chan See-lik were impressed by the students' creativity and efforts.

'They've put loads of efforts on making the works and come up with a variety of fascinating designs,'Mr Chan said.

In the workshops, the history and function of hats and method of making hats were also introduced to the students.

'After they had finished their designs, we offered them help in the technical aspect,' Ms Pow said. 'They would not just try our suggested method, but further developed and explored their feasibility.'