editor's letter

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 December, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 December, 2003, 12:00am

THERE IS a colourful battle (with classy sound effects) being waged today between plasma, LCD, DLP and LCOS for a place in our living rooms as the preferred mode of home visual entertainment. Confusing? For the non-tech-head, perhaps it is. But these letters represent all that amazing new digital technology hidden behind our TV screens.

When the VCR first came out 25 years ago and bonded with the television set, we all thought it was a love affair that would go on forever. Today, that relationship is almost over as DVD recorders start making their powerful presence felt. This enhancement to viewing pleasure, which entered the picture in 1999, comes largely thanks to digital technology.

The DVD is now way ahead of the VCR in every department - image, sound, size ... you name it.

What is surprising is how long it has taken digital to finally conquer the VCR's analogue, seeing that everything else had gone the digital way (music, cameras, etc) ages ago.

In this first issue of DAV, we bring you the latest in digital audio video news. Our techno experts will guide you through the amazing world of new technologies and look at the latest gizmos and boxes of electronic tricks. We review the most recent MP3 players that now come with built-in hard disks - which means they can hold a lot more tunes. Picture yourself carrying around a jukebox in your hand.

And how exactly has digital technology changed the world of home entertainment?

We look at some of the classics of yesteryear (such as Gone With The Wind and Lawrence Of Arabia) and see these great movies looking infinitely greater on our TV screens, with a bit of tweaking here and there.

So relax, read on and marvel at the wonders of DAV.