PUBLISHED : Sunday, 07 December, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 07 December, 2003, 12:00am

In April this year, during the war with Iraq, Jani King was invited to speak to a select interest group at the United Nations. Ms King is not a politician or a councillor - she is a New Zealand woman who channels a being of light called P'taah.

At the time, the UN had just been overruled by the US, which wanted to go to war. The UN wanted to hear what P'taah had to say about the dire world situation.

'P'taah told the UN people not to be disheartened, that peace would prevail. And he told them to hold on to the concept of a united world. He said that the terrorists were just a little voice and warned against tapping into the resonance of war,' said Ms King, who has been at the New Age Shop for the last two weeks giving workshops and personal sessions.

A few hundred years ago, Ms King might have been burnt at the stake as witch, or at the very least put in a straight jacket, but these days she gets invited to the UN. It goes to show how much more acceptable, even fashionable, channelling is, but that does not mean you should embrace everyone who is peddling New Age beliefs. Ms King says people should be discerning.

'Avoid those people who talk about shoulds and shouldn'ts and whose beliefs are fear-based,' she advises.

The people who attended Ms King's workshop in Hong Kong last weekend had come to hear P'taah's words of wisdom, but many of them were even more curious about channelling and how it works.

'P'taah is a band of energy that exists everywhere and everywhen,' Ms King told them. 'He [P'taah] wraps around my consciousness and uses my brain to make a connection with you.'

Judging by their expressions, that didn't mean a lot to many in the audience. Ms King asked the audience to be quiet when P'taah was 'coming and going'. Then she sat down in a chair, said 'Ok, I'm out of here', and closed her eyes. We squirmed in our seats. Ms King breathed deeply, her head bowed forward over her lap. No one dared move - all eyes were focused on Ms King. And then, slowly, she raised her head, blinked and looked around the room.

'Hello my beloveds,' said Ms King - only it wasn't her any more, her voice was deeper and had a slight German accent. This was P'taah.

I couldn't help wondering if Ms King was perhaps just a very good actress. During the break I asked the lawyer sitting next to me what she thought. The lawyer explained that she sees auras - this was, after all, a New Age Shop workshop! 'I saw Jani's aura when she came in the room, it was looked like most people's auras. And then when P'taah came in, her aura expanded and I watched the energy fill the room,' said the lawyer.

P'taah walked around the room in Ms King's body addressing the audience and talking about life and how we create our realities.

His advice? 'We are all playing a game called human life. We create our lives from beliefs we hold about ourselves and our emotions. If you don't like what you create, you can change it.'