Healthy attitude delivers endless wealth of opportunities

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 December, 2003, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 December, 2003, 12:00am

For 2002 Young Entrepreneur Award winner Raju Harilela, achieving the right balance in life is the key to both contentment and success.

'The older you get, the more you work towards things of value, not materially, but internal values,' he says.

That said, Mr Harilela has just bought Soho Delivery, a restaurant food delivery company.

Already the owner of Dial-a-Dinner, which includes 30 restaurants in its programme and delivers all over Hong Kong island and Kowloon, this latest purchase brings the number of food outlets under the umbrella of the Harilela Strategic Group to 93, with a target of achieving 100 restaurants early next year.

'This has all happened in a matter of three days' Mr Harilela enthuses. 'Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the deal was done. Only in Hong Kong can business move with this sort of speed. There really is no other city in the world like this.

'I do think though that as this world moves at a faster speed, we forget what peace there is in silence, what strength we get from inside of ourselves and my interest in yoga centres me and has taught me to look within myself, and this relates to business as well.

'I believe every business we enter into must be a fair business, that every set-up we have, whether it's a relationship with other departments, suppliers or our employees, must be a fair relationship, and to me that is more of a criteria for success than profitability.

'The primary goal should be to enjoy the process of life, and if you do, that is already success for today, regardless of what success results in the future.

'As the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award, I can look back on the past year with hindsight and appreciate the enormous prestige associated with winning this award and the positive acknowledgement and recognition it has, not only in Hong Kong but throughout the international business community.'

Mr Harilela is also a great believer in leading by example. He also believes it is through life's difficulties that we learn and achieve wisdom. 'I believe people who are going to be successful acknowledge that life is a journey of learning and experience,' he says. 'If people look at me as a successful person today, they should realise that it is a result of my life experience and learning to date.'

On November 3, Mr Harilela established a new company, Pure Spa Asia, which incorporates total spa solutions and everything to do with the wellness industry. The new company will include 15 brands covering everything from treatment tables, aromatherapy oils, clays, wraps, bath salts and body scrubs.

'I established this business some 15 years ago, and looking to the future I see that we will continue to expand,' Mr Harilela says. 'The rapid development of the hotel industry in China and the growing awareness of everything pertaining to the wellness industry presents us with myriad opportunities for the foreseeable future.'

Over the past year, Mr Harilela has been reviewing the restaurant arm of his business.

'We have been reorganising our assets and the company and bringing in certain levels of quality and standards with regard to everything from human resources to management. My hope would be to look at an eventual public offering for the Harilela Strategic Group.'

One of Mr Harilela's personal goals is to open a totally holistic health centre.

'I would love to open a place where people with any sort of illness could come before a board of experts from all segments of the wellness industry, so we could treat both the body and mind, and they could have the attention that would enable them to truly heal as a whole person, mentally, physically and spiritually.'