Aunt Pak making waves for a return

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 September, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 September, 1993, 12:00am

POPULAR agony aunt she might well be, but Pamela Pak - Aunt Pak of the airwaves - is in danger of giving one or two people in the broadcasting media a severe attack of angst.

It is all to do with Pak's desire to get back to on-air counselling once again, Beijing People's Radio having mysteriously pulled the plug on her hugely acclaimed programme, thereby making her the first person in broadcasting history to be taken off the air because she was too popular.

Since then, Pak, who used to host a phone-in programme on Commercial Radio for which, it was rumoured, she was paid a very fat fee, has been, we understand, offering her services to both RTHK and Metro Broadcast.

But here's where the matter gets confusing. For, while talking to the two English stations about a possible show, Pak has publicly stated that ''there is no commercial future for English language radio in Hong Kong''.

Pak's first meeting with the English broadcasting media since her mainland adventure was when she lunched with Larry London, FM Select channel director.

London said: ''I told her that FM Select would not be the right platform for her.

''But I put her in touch with Metro Plus channel director Kelly Dean as I thought her fluency in Mandarin would appeal to the station.'' Dean and Pak talked things over and, we are told, a tentative deal was struck.

Then came Pak's ''no future in English broadcasting'' remark. Ironic, seeing as how she was even then planning to secure a nest in the very same media.

According to our sources, Pak has since also talked to RTHK about an agony column on the air.

As for the latest situation with regard to Pak coming on board at Hunghom, Dean told Keeping Posted : ''It is still on, and negotiations are moving forward.''