Lai See

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 January, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 January, 2004, 12:00am

all in the name

The Standard faxed through a press release with the names and bios of its four new executive appointments on Friday evening. But beyond a few typos, what caught our eye was the pre-programmed strip at the head of the fax which identified it as coming from the Hong Kong iMail, as the honourable paper across the bay used to call itself. Reprogramming the faxes ought to be one of the items at the top of the new editor-in-chief's to-do list.

new year resolutions

It might be a bit late for New Year resolutions but Lai See has always taken the view it is never too late to improve oneself. So we were impressed by the commitment of Beijing's expat lawyers if their tips to clients on the Stan Abrams lawyer blog site are to be believed.

1. Hold at least one board meeting instead of avoiding tough decisions.

2. Make sure that all of my employees have written labour contracts.

3. Start paying attention to what my distributor in Nanjing has been doing behind my back.

4. Stop trying to hide revenue from my JV partner.

5. Stop ending all my disagreements with the company's Asian regional manager with: 'You just don't understand China like I do.'

6. Only keep one set of accounts.

7. Stop justifying my fondness for drinking bei jiu with the officials from the Ministry of Commerce by calling it 'government relations'.

8. Cut down the foot massages to once a day.