Nobody's Perfect

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 February, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 February, 2004, 12:00am

Nobody's Perfect

by Anthony Lane

Pan Macmillan $188

'What is the point of Demi Moore?' New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane wonders. Of Vinnie Jones' face he writes: 'You could strap it to the front of a truck and use it to clear snow.' This 752-page collection shows why then New Yorker editor Tina Browne pinched him from Britain's Independent 10 years ago. 'What is most thrilling about Braveheart remains inextricable from all that is most ridiculous ... When you hear the battlefield cry of 'Take out their archers!' you start to laugh. Then you think, go on guys, take 'em out. Faster, Pussycat! Kilt! Kilt!' Lane, a Briton, is sceptical of his homeland's efforts: 'One of the most heartening [reasons for quitting London] was that I no longer felt the slightest compunction to bang the drum for British cinema, an activity only slightly more useful than arguing the case of a fleet of Swiss submarines.'