Sports Quiz

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 February, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 February, 2004, 12:00am

1: Which PGA Tour veteran was lambasted for joking that Tiger Woods would serve fried chicken and collard greens at the Masters champion's dinner?

2: Who was South Africa's first Test cricket captain after their readmission in 1992?

3: At which Formula One race track in 1989 did Ayrton Senna break a pact not to overtake teammate Alain Prost?

4: On what Hawaiian island is the Banzai Pipeline located?

5: 'The Long Count' occurred in a heavyweight title bout between Jack Dempsey and which fighter?

6: Who rode Jeune when it won the 1994 Melbourne Cup?

7: If I were at the 'cabbage patch' ground in rugby union, where would I be?

8: Which NBA player said: I'm a quotatious kind of guy?

9: Who was the first US president to own a professional baseball team?

10: Although he was born in Tahiti, what country does tennis star Fabrice Santoro play for?

1: Fuzzy Zoeller 2: Kepler Wessels 3: Imola 4: Oahu 5: Gene Tunney 6: Wayne Harris 7: Twickenham 8: Shaquille O'Neal 9: Warren Harding 10: France