Lai See

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 12:00am

Putting the fruit in

Yesterday, Lai See noted the contribution of Paul C.K. Ho - writing on behalf of 'The poorest of the poorest citizens, HK' - to the otherwise corporate interest-dominated debate over how the Office of the Telecommunications Authority should regulate type-2 interconnection services.

Arguing that different services should command different prices, Mr Ho employed an interesting choice of metaphor - mangoes:

'The price of Filipino mango is $10, should Mali mango be sold at $10 as well[?] Since both are mango and are classified in the same fruit category, would the price be the same[?] I would say, the price should be different because the size and the taste (I personally tasted in Mali and Hong Kong) of Mali mango is much, much better than Filipino mango. I do believe the consumers are not foolish people ... and know how to evaluate the prices of different telephone services existing in the market as long as the market is open and free to the consumers to choose.'

Hear, hear.

Datang dynasty

Look out Nortel! Datang Telecom Technology, which yesterday warned of its first lost in nine years, is nothing if not ambitious, with aspirations that are positively imperial in scale. Consider its web site, which reads: 'The great Tang Dynasty [AD 618-907] was one of the most splendid periods in Chinese history. Datang Telecom Technology ... is ambitious for the whole world at the same time [and] determined to contribute to the creation of another most splendid dynasty of national information industry.'