Tears shed over salon's final cut

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2004, 12:00am

It's not often that hair makes headlines, but tears were shed over the weekend as the news broke that Jacques Dessange, Hong Kong's high society salon, is shutting its doors for good.

Clientele such as socialite Shirley Li, Marie-Chantal Miller, David Tang Wing-cheung and Sally Lo will have to find a new place to get their coiffures taken care of.

The final clients were being taken in on Saturday, but a lucky few got in yesterday while the salon was being liquidated. 'It was very strange getting your hair done while the bailiffs were taking away the chairs,' said one last-minute customer.

Gary Ryan, the salon manager for the seven-year-old institution, says the news came as a surprise despite financial troubles in the past.

It is known that two years worth of staff MPF payments are missing and no one has been paid for several months.

Mr Ryan said: 'The staff have not been paid since January, but we kept working, hoping that things would work out. On Saturday, we were told officially that the salon would be liquidated. So I am here with the receivers today. It's really sad. Everyone is very upset. Clients were crying, shaking our hands, it's a shame.'

Head hairdressers Roland and Herve have found a new nest, with Grand Hyatt's Il Colpo, while Kent will move to 04 in Central. The rest have not yet confirmed their new locations.

But it's not over yet. 'The franchise that is closing down is in fact Century Group Limited - it has nothing to do with Jacques Dessange International. We may get some new investors, you never know,' Mr Ryan said.

Oh dear, where will the tai-tais go now?