Elsie Tu

No reason for gloom over Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 April, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 April, 2004, 12:00am

Hong Kong has been under Chinese sovereignty for almost seven years, and although we have experienced many unexpected misfortunes (all unfairly blamed on the chief executive), no one can honestly say that 'one country, two systems' has not been adhered to.

Yet some opponents of Beijing still preach gloom and doom, just as they did before 1997. They were proved wrong then.

Unfazed, these political leaders, along with a handful of radical lawyers, have tried their utmost to find fault every step of the way, apparently because they prefer the faulty and corrupt political sytem of the old hypocritical colonial system. It used to be said that Ronald Reagan had a sight defect. When he looked left, everything was black and evil, but when he looked right, all was bright and good. I suspect that Hong Kong's so-called democrats suffer from the same thing.

Genuine democrats can discuss differences and reach a compromise. Hong Kong's 'democrat' leaders cannot. If their views are not accepted, they stir up a march and invite everyone who has a grievance. They then advertise worldwide that the march is about universal suffrage and seek America's support.

Most countries have opened their eyes to the intrigues of the western colonisers. It is time for Hong Kong's senior phony democrats to open their eyes too, before it is too late.

ELSIE TU, Kwun Tong