Pinkstone faces no-win situation

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 September, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 September, 1993, 12:00am

SPARE a thought for GIS spinmeister Mark Pinkstone, who found himself in Beijing yesterday, while the crucial decision apropos 2000 Olympics was being made in Monte Carlo.

Pinkstone, a true and true Aussie, whose allegiance on this matter leaves no doubt, was telling us that he was contemplating keeping his mouth firmly shut in case his distinct Strine tones gave him away.

''If Beijing wins the nomination, I'm going to get ribbed something awful, and, if Sydney gets it, I'm doomed because they'll probably take it out on me,'' lamented Pinkstone.

The popular chief information officer at the GIS is in the Chinese capital with a party of journalists (who can be depended upon to make his life as miserable as possible on this score).

Added Pinkstone: ''I plan to tune in to see what the International Olympic Committee's verdict is. But I won't be taking any risks; I'll keep my emotions well hidden.'' The Olympic Games were not the only matter uppermost on Pinkstone's mind when we ran into him at a cocktail party a few days ago.

Recent tales of horror about mainland air travel, which has been likened to be more dangerous than life in sniper-happy Sarajevo, appears to have filled the poor fellow with trepidation - although we would have thought his years at the GIS Beaconsfield House eyrie would have prepared him for any eventuality.

''On this particular trip to China, I will have to be flying internally so that's got me worried, specially after what we've heard recently,'' said Pinkstone anxiously, his handing shaking visibly as he downed a glass of beer. ''I'm not taking any chances, I will be taking out insurance.'' Let's hope the domestic airlines that Pinkstone has to fly in China will, at least, provide him with a settling whisky while in the air.