Dream of Colours

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 May, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 May, 2004, 12:00am

Dream of Colours continues with its second week on TVB Jade at 8pm, Monday through Friday. Every Monday, we will publish the synopses of the week's five episodes.

Episode 6 (May 3)

Mun, who is out of work, is looking for a job. She is determined to pursue a career in fashion design. She realises that Lik has invested a lot of time and energy in her and wants to show her gratitude and sincerity. Lik is moved and asks her to return to NEE. But Lik has to give up his holiday with Ling to help Mun get ready for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant evening dress design project.

Episode 7 (May 4)

Yeung faces bankruptcy because of his business partner, Hong. In view of her family's financial crisis, Mun decides to work hard. Lik is determined to train Mun and asks her to join the Miss Hong Kong Pageant design project.

Hong sexually assaults Donna and Mun comes to her rescue. She attacks Hong and is arrested by police. Lik learns about her community service record when he bails her out. Mun feels ashamed, but Lik is not bothered by her past and even gives her a box of chocolate. Lik's gesture means a lot to Mun.

Episode 8 (May 5)

Inspired by Mun, Lik comes up with the design for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant project.

Chu, Cho-yiu's business partner, invites famous mainland model Niki to Hong Kong to promote N2. Yiu deliberately messes things up so that she, instead of Patrick, could head the N2 project. Niki misunderstands and blames Patrick for the mishaps. Patrick tries to prove his innocence but fails. Frustrated, he leaves NEE. Yiu is put in charge of the N2 project.

Lik never understood why Kau dismissed him years ago and Mun decides to tell him. Ling calls Lik's early in the morning and is surprised to find Mun answering the phone. She thinks Lik and Mun are having an affair.

Episode 9 (May 6)

Having spent a lot of time together, Lik and Mun have come to understand each other very well. Ling feels that their relationship is more than just a mentor and a student, and begins to suspect Lik.

Lik hears Yiu making fun of Mun, saying that she does not have a solid design background. He offers to teach Mun basic design skills. Mun has designed her first evening dress and wants to show it to Lik, but her heart sinks when she sees Lik and Ling together. She leaves without showing Lik her dress.

Episode 10 (May 7)

Lik finally sees the dress and is full of praise for Mun. Delighted, Mun gives the dress her final touch. The dress of one of the Miss Hong Kong contestants does not fit, so Lik replaces it with the dress designed by Mun. The contestant wins the pageant and Mun's design gains recognition. At a cocktail party after the beauty pageant, Lik praises Mun.

The cast

Lik (Tse Kwan-ho) and Patrick (Lok Tat-wa): fashion designers

Ling (Melissa Ng Mei-hang): Lik's girlfriend

Kau (Lau Kong): Lik's mentor

Mun (Myolie Wu Hang-yee): Kau's granddaughter

Yeung (Ko Tsun-man): Mun's father

Donna (Margaret Chung Lai-kei): Mun's close friend

Cho-yiu (Sin Lap-man): Lik's business partner

Yiu (Sharon Chan Mun-tsi): design graduate