Dream of Colours

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 May, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 May, 2004, 12:00am

Dream of Colours continues into its final week on TVB Jade at 8pm, Monday through Friday. On May 24 we will start a new drama called Angels of Mission (TVB Jade, 9.35pm, Monday through Friday).

Episode 16 (May 17)

Yiu deliberately re-deploys the company's workforce, hoping that Mun will not finish the wedding gown on time for Mrs Cheung (a tycoon's wife). Yiu also secretly arranges the wedding gown design to be published in a magazine. Cho-yiu accuses Mun of being ostentatious. Mun fails to explain herself and resigns from fashion company NEE.

Lik decides to get his life together and sets up his own business with Mun. Meanwhile, Mun decides to start from the bottom and registers for an evening course in sewing.

Episode 17 (May 18)

Yiu has been promoted and becomes increasingly cocky. Her friends are gradually leaving her and she feels lonely. She is moved that Long is still there for her and eventually accepts his love.

Lik has spent a lot of time with Mun and has developed special feelings for her. However, he has lost confidence in love and dare not start a relationship.

Ling is engaged to Cho-yiu and asks Lik to design an evening dress for her.

Episode 18 (May 19)

Because of Yiu, Lik's plans to set up a design firm with Patrick are ruined. Long finds out that it is Yiu who set Lik up and feels that Yiu has been using him.

In the heat of their argument, Long gets knocked down by a car. Lik donates his blood to try to save Long, thereby revealing their sibling relationship.

Ling reconsiders her relationship with Cho-yiu and realises that she actually does not love him so she breaks up with him.

Episode 19 (May 20)

Mun cannot hide her love for Lik anymore and decides to tell him. However, Lik still lacks confidence in love so he does not give Mun any response.

Meanwhile, he has gained new inspiration and has designed a new collection that's very different from his previous style.

The line proves to be very popular, and after a successful fashion show Lik decides to tell Mun his true feelings.

However, Mun, who is so happy with the show's success, gets drunk - and misses Lik's confession of love.

Episode 20 (May 21)

Mun decides to put aside her love for Lik and devote herself to a contest for young fashion designers. She hopes to win an award as a token of appreciation for all the help that Lik has given her. Mun asks Yiu to join the contest as well.

Both Yiu and Mun win a scholarship to study overseas.

Yiu decides to go with Long. Mun does not know what she really wants: to study abroad or wait for Lik's love.

Yiu (Sharon Chan Mun-tsi), Mun (Myolie Wu Hang-yee),

Lik (Tse Kwan-ho), Patrick (Lok Tat-wa): fashion designers

Cho-yiu (Sin Lap-man): Lik's business partner

Long (Kenneth Ma Kwok-ming): Lik's brother

Ling (Melissa Ng Mei-hang): model / Lik's former girlfriend



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Dream of Colours

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